This section shows how to install Julia, Polyhedra and a Polyhedra Manipulation Library of your choice.

Getting Julia

The first step is to install Julia. Polyhedra supports Julia v1.0 but the latest version only supports Julia v1.3 or later. Download links and more detailed instructions are available on the Julia website.

Getting Polyhedra

Open a Julia console (e.g. enter julia at the command line) and write

] add Polyhedra

To start using Polyhedra, you can now just write

julia> using Polyhedra

Polyhedra includes a default library supporting every operation but external libraries can also be used. See the next section on installing a library.

Getting Libraries

Many C libraries are available for manipulating Polyhedra. Some of them work with floating point arithmetic and some of them can do the computation exactly using rational arithmetic and multiple precision libraries such as GMP. Julia also natively supports rational arithmetic using multiple precision libraries and of course floating point arithmetic. That makes the use of both types of arithmetic very easy and transparent. A list of Polyhedra Manipulation Libraries is available in the JuliaPolyhedra website.