Polyhedral Computation in Julia

JuliaPolyhedra is the Julia organization targeted to polyhedral computation. Its packages share a common interface defined in the Polyhedra.jl package.

List of libraries

The following table provides a list of Polyhedra Manipulation Libraries. When they have a Julia library implementing the interface of `Polyhedra.jl` then the "Library" column shows the name of the library.
Solver Julia Package Library License Exact Rational Floating point
cdd CDDLib.jl CDDLibrary() GPL X X
ConvexHull ConvexHull.jl ConvexHullLibrary() MIT X  
lrs LRSLib.jl LRSLibrary() GPL X X
qhull QHull.jl QHullLibrary()     X
CHull2d CHull2d.jl   MIT X X
NewPolka None   GPL X  
Parma Polyhedra Library None   GPL X  
pd None   GPL X  
porta None   GPL X (overflow !)  
Please let me know if you plan to write a new wrapper (or an implementation in pure Julia). Since libraries use different algorithms, no library is better for every problem; here and here are comparisons.